Sora 10 Money Making Ideas

Sora 10 Money Making Ideas

Feb 23, 2024 03:49 AM
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1. Sell Sora account or invitation code

Anyone who has done ai related business knows that the first wave of the biggest traffic is using the tools.
Whether it's an ai drawing or ai video tool, you have to use it before you can think about anything else.
And ai video generation cost is obviously not low.
So the first wave of good business must be in trading accounts.
Even early not necessarily directly open, but need an invitation code.

2. Sell high quality video generation prompt

Prompt should not be unfamiliar to anyone who has been exposed to ai.
A good prompt is still very easy to sell on some prompt trading platform.
There are similar trading platforms for previous ai paintings, such as promptbase and prompthero.
Just upload your spell to the platform and fill in the price and other information.

3. Produce/generate ai videos on behalf of others

This one is divided into two kinds of users. One kind is the user who tastes it, may not want to register and research ai video by themselves, so they can help to generate it on behalf of the user.
The other is the user with customization needs, need to use tools like Sora to generate ai video material.
Of course, this depends on whether you can edit some short video content with unique style to attract your intended customers on social platforms.

4. Use the videos generated by Sora to make your personal self media account

If you are a short video, or self media practitioner.
Then you can give priority to, directly using sora to generate short videos, and then posted to your self media account.
Domestic platforms, such as Jittery Voice, Shutterbug, Video No., Xiaohongshu, b station.
These are all platforms with better traffic.
Especially platforms that are not so involutional like Little Red Book and Video Number.
For example, today some of our friends have started to use some of the sora material they can find and started posting it to the video number, and the traffic is all pretty good.
Of course, in the long run, if you want to rely on self media traffic for conversion and realization, or the same as the previous article, you need to form your own unique ai video style.
For example, last year's fire several types of ai video style are resurrected ai celebrities for interviews, pet videos, secondary anime mashups, movie mashups and so on.
Celebrities, pets, big ip are all good creative direction.

5. Upload Sora-generated videos to major material sites to earn money.

There are a lot of similar short video material trading sites in China.
Of course, this type of money-making way is relatively short, the platform is not likely to allow users to upload a large number of ai short videos to woolgathering.
So, this type of way to act fast.

6. Knowledge payment, the production of Sora-related use tutorials

In the past year, the most classic good business in the ai field is knowledge payment, selling classes and communities.
Whether you write a sora article, or a series of tutorials, or a series of course videos.
These are all better paid-for-knowledge products.
Today alone, several sora-related articles came out in one day, and there are millions of people interested in sora.
So, about sora's knowledge payment tutorials, the follow-up is certainly not lack of users to buy.

7. Doing e-commerce, doing business around sora-related search terms.

Many people tend to miss the precision of the e-commerce platform users.
Whether it is a mainstream e-commerce platform, such as a treasure, a East, a more.
Or similar to a certain fish, a certain turn of such platforms, ai related accurate paid users are a lot.
Therefore, any ai related demand appears, these e-commerce platforms will appear good business.
Whether these platforms are selling tools, tutorials or courses, they are all very much in abundance.
So, there is nothing wrong with keeping an eye on the keywords about sora on e-commerce platforms.

8. Make shells of sora websites, tools and other products.

This is a little high threshold for ordinary people, but still quite suitable for some program apes, product managers and other Internet practitioners.
For example, last year after the ai drawing fire, do a better ai drawing products, navigation sites.
There are also similar to the wonderful duck ai portrait tool, have eaten a relatively large dividend.
If last year's ai novel tweets are still concentrated in the ai picture field, then this year, ai novel tweets are likely to directly across to ai video.
Last year, a lot of this piece of pop-ups, earn money also, but in fact have done people know that spend a lot of energy, this year this piece of

9. using sora for ai novel tweets

If last year's ai novel tweets are still concentrated in the ai picture field, then this year, ai novel tweets are likely to directly across to ai video.
Last year, this is a lot of pop-ups, earn money there, but in fact have done people know that spend a lot of energy, this year, this is likely to explode once again.

10. live with goods, help promote sora related paid products

For those who do not have the ability to produce products, you can actually consider selling them through live broadcasting.
The core lies in the fact that the generation of short videos naturally attracts the attention of users.
For example, last year a lot of runway's introduction to the live room, the flow is very high, but because it does not have the actual application of the scene, so the payment rate is not high, but sora is obviously more mature.
So, if you don't have the ability to make products, you can consider helping others to promote.